O'Connors Legal Services Limited

Address: O'Connors Legal Services Limited
The Plaza, 100 Old Hall Street
Liverpool, L3 9QJ UK

Location: Liverpool City Centre
Telephone: 0151 906 1000
Fax: 0151 906 1001
Website: www.oconnorsllp.co.uk
Office Hours: -
Areas of Law: Commercial & Company, Computer Law, Financial Services, Insurance Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnerships, Data protection , Franchising, In house issues, Procurement,

Solicitor Information

O’Connors blends corporate, commercial, insurance and regulatory advice and sector expertise to help clients manage risks and opportunities more effectively, wherever in the world they are doing business.

The firm’s innovative legal project management model enables its experienced lawyers to stay hands-on at all times and create best-of-breed teams for each project or transaction, delivering better support, cost control and results.

The firm’s clear thinking buys clients the time they need to think clearly and make better judgment calls. The firm works across all industry sectors but has special experience of working with legal services businesses, insurance and other financial services businesses, technology businesses and those setting up investment funds.

Those that work with the firm describe it as supportive, creative and tenacious. If this sounds refreshing, please give us a call.

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