International Festival for Business 2014

The inaugural International Festival for Business (IFB) will be the largest international business event in the world in 2014, and the largest business event in the UK for over a decade. It will be global, entrepreneurial and accelerate the growth of UK business into international markets.

 • IFB will be truly global and will have international reach and significance. The event will connect UK business growth into international markets, the smartest entrepreneurial minds and best business opportunities in the world.
• IFB is central to the Government’s ambition to accelerate and maximize economic growth in the UK, by increasing foreign direct investment and outbound export/trade.
The IFB will share the UK’s agility, innovation, creativity and appetite for business. The Festival is for businesses that want to go faster, want to reach new horizons, want results and want them now.
• IFB will attract pioneers – the smartest and brightest minds and companies from the UK and across the world. UK businesses can connect with like-minded individuals at the IFB and spark ideas.
The Festival will deliver:
·         over 100 events in 61 days in June and July 2014
·         250,000 visitors
·         business representation from over 125 countries
·         £100m direct investment into the UK
·         a key catalyst to achieve a doubling of UK exports by 2020
The growth of the UK economy will be shaped by a number of key sectors. These are central to our vision for the IFB. They include:
·         low carbon - valued in the UK alone at £112 billion and worth globally > £3.2 trillion
·         knowledge economies - incl. creative & digital, professional & financial, life sciences and advanced manufacturing
·         global communications, including port & logistics
Prime Minister Rt Hon David Cameron MP
“We are in a global race in our world today, a race in which Liverpool is not just competing with Barcelona and Hamburg; you’re competing with Beijing and Jakarta. Some countries will make it and others will fall behind, and I am determined that Britain, and cities, like Liverpool will make it.
If 2012 showed us anything, it showed us that we can achieve great things in this country – we can achieve our personal best, go for gold, put on a show that will amaze and dazzle the world. That is what we did in 2012 and that is what I know you will do in 2014. I am absolutely delighted to give my full support to the International Festival for Business that you are going to be hosting here in Liverpool in 2014. I think it’s an absolutely excellent idea, you have my full support, and the government will be right behind you every step of the way.”