URGENT - Change to part 8 issue fees with immediate effect

Please see here the letter received from the Court and Tribunals Fees Policy Team detailing changes made to the charging structure that will apply in respect of proceedings issued under Part 8 for recovery of money and in particular Stage 3 personal proceedings. Until recently the charge made was £150 under 1.5 of Schedule 1 to the Civil Proceedings Fees Orders 2008.

With immediate effect the charge made will now be in accordance with 1.1 of the same schedule and fall within the sliding scale tariff. If any claims are submitted to the Court with an incorrect fee this may delay them being issued since there is no transitional provision in place for this change in fees policy.   I am checking this position and if there is any further information in respect of implementation I will update accordingly.

Kirsty McKno,
Chair - Civil Litigation Committee
Liverpool Law Society                                                                                               21st March 2018