Your Society: please consider standing for election at the 2017 AGM

Your local Law Society
Full members of the Society will be receiving an email in October inviting you to nominate a member of the Society to become a director at the AGM in November.  We would like to have a Committee which is as representative as possible of the wide membership the Society encompasses. All members of the Society are eligible for election to the General Committee, but only Full Members can vote in the election, either in person or by proxy.   You must be nominated by three members of the Society and serve a three-year term.

The nomination form must be completed and returned to the Society’s offices by 5.00pm on Friday 27th October 2017. 

Becoming a director and member of General Committee is an opportunity to shape the future of one of the most active local Law Societies in England and Wales. You will make professional contacts and friends, learn from other's best practice and work shoulder to shoulder with other legal professionals, regardless of status and seniority. 

The General Committee consists of up to 27 members, who each serve a three-year term.  Every year, nine members of the General Committee retire by rotation at the AGM: up to five of those due to retire may be nominated by the Committee for re-election, and the others are not eligible for re-election until the next AGM.   

Elections will take place at the Society’s Annual General Meeting to be held at 1.00pm on Monday, 27th November 2017 at the Society’s offices at Helix.  Further information about the Committee is available here or email the Society with your query or request.