Training Season Ticket

Please complete this form to purchase the Training Season Ticket. For only £380 +VAT per member, each person will receive access to most of Liverpool Law Society's training events. Once this form is submitted and processed, your firm will be invoiced.

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Please supply at least one name and email address of a delegate this offer will apply to.

I agree to the following terms:
- My firm or the individual is a member of the Society
- Member firms must submit a list of named persons to whom this offer will apply
- Members can join at any point during the 12 month period, however the fee is fixed, it will not be pro-rated
- Training Season Ticket entitlement must be declared at time of booking the CPD event
- The Society retains the right to cancel or alter the date of courses
- The Training Season Ticket is Non-refundable and non-transferable
- Bookings are subject to our usual terms & conditions, see: