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    Looking at some of the issues both in relation to the client and the mortgage company in particular, the SDLT changes of April 2016 and proposed tax changes are of major significance. The Housing and Planning Act 2016 also has major implications for security of tenure.

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    How to engage with clients & others you may want to do business with. Make the most of the opportunity waiting to be explored through your smartphone by understanding what you're going to encounter & in light of practical examples of your peers who've either managed to build their online profile very successfully...or not.

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    Around 100,000 people a year enter a formal personal insolvency procedure. Lawyers of all disciplines should therefore be aware of the mechanics of personal insolvency law. This course aims to give lawyers from any background practical guidance on personal insolvency.

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    This course will also cover everything you need to know about recording a settlement agreement from drafting a bullet-proof agreement to creating binding estoppels. It will also help you understand the difference between Part 36 and Calderbank offers and avoid enforceability problems.

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