Legal Recruitment


This online legal recruitment service has been designed for use by both firms and candidates.

For further information on our recruitment service please use our Contact Us form on the left hand menu.

Firms Who Wish To Advertise 


Advertise for twice as long at half the rate

Member and Non Member firms can advertise a vacancy that will appear for two months at the following rates:-

Member Firm Rate:

Solicitor Vacancy * £60+VAT
Non Solicitor Vacancy ** £30+VAT

 Non Member Firm Rate:

Solicitor Vacancy * £120+VAT
Non Solicitor Vacancy ** £60+VAT

* This means a Solicitor or Partner vacancy
** This means a Trainee, ILEX or Support Staff (including Office, PAs, Secretaries, etc)

If the vacancy is filled before the end of the two month period, please let us know by using our contact form here.

We have the facility for you to issue a brief detail of the post and display your contact details.

Firm's first complete a recruitment form here. On receiving this form we will display the vacant position on our website, and your firm will be invoiced.  The Society raises awareness of vacancies posted on the website on our social media channels (Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook).

Candidates Who Wish To Advertise

Whether you are seeking a permanent career position or temporary assignment - look no further.

We provide a free candidate noticeboard service for people seeking employment. We will let you know of any firms who are interested in speaking with you for a vacany they have.

There is no charge for candidates wishing to use the noticeboard service.  We would, however, appreciate being informed of any changes to your jobseeking status.  Your details will remain on the website for a maximum of 6 months.

If you would like to take advantage of this service please complete the candidate registration form here.