CCMCC(Salford)and CCBC(Northampton) processing & reply times

Details of processing and reply times for work at the County Court Money Claims Centre (Salford) and the County Court Business Centre (Northampton) can now be found here . The information will be updated every Monday.
It is estimated 40% of all incoming calls from practitioners relate to queries about timescales. The aim of this publicised information is to give practitioners a clear idea of when their papers will be processed, whilst freeing court staff to deal with the processing work to bring down the delays rather than dealing with those queries. The website aims to manage expectations so that firms can better advise their clients and control their diaries and will be a welcome innovation.
Martin Huddleston , the Centre Manager of the County Court Money Claims Centre  (CCMCC) at Salford has asked Liverpool Law Society to assist in creating awareness of this new website that has been launched to provide performance updates in respect of current timescales within CCMCC. Given the complaints that have been made about Court delays this is a key development and shows that the Courts are taking on board what has been raised by users at meetings with them and trying to help practitioners by providing clear information whilst they work on wider solutions to try to bring down the delays.

Published 26 September 2017