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NWLST: Go the extra mile for Justice


Date: Wednesday 3rd March, 2021

Time: Throughout 2021, at a time and date that suits you

A place of your choosing


Liverpool Legal Walks and Go the Extra Mile for Justice

The 2020 Liverpool Legal walk was due to take place on 6th October 2020 however due to the pandemic, the decision was taken by the NWLST (North West Legal Support Trust) trustees to move this event online with the support of the Access to Justice Foundation and the Go the Extra Mile for Justice initiative. We are delighted to announce this initiative will be continuing all year long in 2021 with Go the Extra Mile for Justice Day taking place on Wednesday 3rd March as part of Justice Week.

In 2021, Legal Walks are to be held in person following government guidelines. In the event of another local lockdown, we will encourage Legal Walks to go virtual. The proposed date for the Liverpool Legal Walk in 2021 will be Tuesday 21st September 2021.

Traditionally the Walk has been a 5km sponsored walk around the city to raise money for local advice services that provide legal aid to vulnerable people in our society. The need for legal advice support clinics have grown within recent years, and funding for these clinics has reduced. The Liverpool Legal Walk is an annual event that has continuously celebrated the work of the legal profession and advice sector in protecting individual rights and ensuring access to justice for all.

NWLST supports organisations that:

  • Prevent families being made homeless
  • Prevent destitution
  • Help older people gain the support to which they are entitled
  • Help women and children who have been trafficked for domestic servitude or prostitution.

The annual legal walk makes an incredible difference to social welfare in our community, and it is now more important than ever to keep raising funds.  We are hoping as many members, friends and colleagues as possible will take part in this initiative.

It doesn’t matter if you are running, skipping, cycling, walking, or even hopping dressed as a kangaroo, sign up to ensure that everyone, no matter who they are, can get the vital support of advice agencies at this critical time.

For further details of the ‘Go the Extra Mile for Justice’ and to sign up, click here.