The Liver Building

The Burn Bright Masterclass


Speaker: Donna Smith

Date: Tuesday 22nd June, 2021

Time: 12.30pm - 1.30pm

Online via Zoom


How to burn bright (not out!) in your legal career

jointly presented by Liverpool Law Society and Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division for our members.

Join Donna for one hour and discover the Six Fundamental Principles on how to Burn Bright (not out!) in your legal career.

This Burn Bright Masterclass is for lawyers who are wondering:
• How to deal with the feeling of having too much to do and not enough time to do it!
• How to take back control of their day, their week, their life before it is too late and they burn out!

Learn all about the fundamental principles with Donna Smith, an ex-lawyer and burnout survivor herself. Donna will share with you her Burnout story and how her recovery led to the creation of the BURN BRIGHT PROGRAMME.

Speaker Biographies

Award Winning Coach* : Professional Development Consultant : Speaker

Donna is on her own journey of discovery. She is someone who has burnt out, someone who has faced several career crossroads, someone who struggles with perfectionism and that feeling of not being good enough. Basically, the types of challenges so many of us face every day. Why is this relevant? Because she has faced all of these challenges (and still does) and yet she now gets to do what she loves to do every day and she burns bright (not out) and so can you!

Donna has an extensive range of experience in Coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Leadership & Management Development, MBTI, Talent Development, and workshop facilitation. Her style is supportive, understanding and challenging. Donna is passionate about working with people who have reached that stage where they say ‘enough is enough’ and they want to make a change for the better, they want to move forwards instead of staying stuck. She loves working with clients who come to her with that sense of – ‘something is not quite right in my world and I want to do something about it’. They want to take massive action and that’s what coaching is all about.

After making the move from her career as a solicitor in Nottingham and Leeds (with a short sojourn to sunny California to sit the California Bar Exam!), Donna spent a number of years in the HR Profession, working across a range of sectors including retail, travel & leisure and local authority. She held senior advisory and business partnering roles at Boots and Carnival UK respectively before becoming a Development Consultant in 2012.

Since then, Donna has made her dream of running her own coaching business a reality, qualifying as a Coach and an NLP Practitioner in 2017 and launching Odonnata Growth & Transformation Coaching that same year. She now works with a growing number of clients in the Legal Profession, helping them to ‘Burn Bright’, not out!

* Life Coach of the Year at The Coaching Academy’s International Coaching Awards 2018