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Beginners Guide to Future Losses & The Ogden Tables


Speaker: Mike Winston

Date: Wednesday 6th November, 2019

Time: 10:00 - 12:45

Areas of Law: Civil Litigation

Competencies: A2, A4, B4, B5

Liverpool Law Society,
2nd Floor Helix,
Edmund Street,
L3 9NY

Course Code: S4157


The drafting of schedules of future losses is often seen as something of a specialist art form.

This comprehensive half-day course looks at schedules of future losses from both the claimant’s and the defendant’s point of view. All aspects of the use of the Ogden tables are covered, from basic aids and equipment calculations through periodic loss of earnings claims with split multipliers through to dependency claims following fatal accidents.

A practical, hands-on course in which delegates will learn the legal, evidential and tactical requirements in drafting, and challenging, schedules of loss. Delegates will carry out different types of calculations personally using a workbook and case studies.

This course takes delegates from the absolute basics through all the major calculations required in a PI claim.

What you will learn:

  • Multiplicands and multipliers
  • Discounting for early receipt and mortality
  • Calculating losses for life
  • Calculating losses to a fixed age
  • Using the reduction factor tables
  • Calculating loss of earnings
  • Challenging evidential assumptions
  • Using Conner v Bradman in disability claims
  • Evidential uncertainty – is Blamire appropriate?
  • Calculating changes in status
  • Loss of earnings claims for children
  • Assumptions for educational attainment
  • Challenging lost years claims
  • Combining tables


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