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Tell it to The Judge!


Speaker: Emma Taylor

Date: Thursday 1st October, 2020

Time: 09:30 - 12:45

Areas of Law: Civil Litigation; Criminal; Family; Management

Competencies: B 5 b & c


Course Code: S4417


This workshop will equip solicitors who speak in court with the public speaking skills required to present clear and compelling arguments. The workshop not only teaches participants how to arrange and develop a persuasive speech, it also imparts classical acting techniques and voice coaching, thereby boosting courtroom presence along with confidence.

By the end of ‘Tell it to the Judge’, delegates will know how to:

  • Arrange a persuasive speech that flows
  • Edit material to avoid pointless repetition / waffle
  • Introduce an analogy to reinforce an argument
  • Sight-read, so they are always able to make quality eye-contact with the judge
  • Memorise their arguments so they can speak without notes
  • Use pace effectively
  • Project their voices and enunciate clearly
  • Use pitch and other stressing techniques to enhance their arguments



Emma Taylor is a public speaking trainer who has successfully coached MPs, councillors, CEOs, solicitors, lecturers and entrepreneurs for over 15 years. She is a trained actor and also works as a scriptwriter. She brings elements of these disciplines to her coaching.


What previous clients of Emma’s have said:

“I desperately needed help with my advocacy skills. I knew I wasn’t representing my clients well enough. Emma taught me techniques that have made a hugely positive difference.” 

“This was an excellent event, very well presented. It covered practical and hypothetical situations including projection and voice control. Would definitely recommend this to other members.”

“Emma delivers a practical, highly engaging workshop. She excels at encouraging participation from mixed experience groups to ensure all are able to improve their performance.”






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